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Technology Advance PWM with high Frequency Switching, Double conversion, Isolated output and Dual Input AC V from EB and DCV from SP V Module, with MPPT Solar Charger
Capacity 3 KVA to 100 KVA
Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Power Factor 0.8 Lag
Distortion Less then 2%
Inverter By Using IGBT Devices

Solar Online UPS

Solar On-line UPS Power Generating System with MPPT is Double Conversion with Load Sharing Technology. This is one of the advanced technology in the market to utilize 100% of Solar PV Generated power by enhancing Solar Power through MPPT Load Sharing and current control technology which can be used for sensitive, sophisticated and industrial loads

The output load is completely isolated from input by using Double conversion technology and also our Solar on-line UPS Out power is constant for 24/7 without any fluctuation

The Solar power is utilized maximum level even during cloudy season. The priority always for Solar Power. Solar Power and EB Power will be paralleled and will work together but always priority for the Solar Power. After utilizing Solar Power still if load required more than Solar generated power. Our Solar UPS Smart Dual Sharing technology will allow EB Power to feed the power to Inverter Input. So Output load will be protected with Uninterrupted Clean Power.power cut, in the night the stored Solar Power from the Batteries can be utilized as backup power.


LCD Display Input Volt / Battery Current / Solar PV Volts / Solar PV / Total Power Generated by Solar
Transfer Time 6 – 8 Hrs
Indications Main on / Inv.on/Inv.Trip/Batt.Low/Inv.U/V – O/V Trip / Solar on
Alarms Battery Low/ Mains Failure
Battery Lead Acid – Inverter / Tubular / SMF
Solar Online UPS

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