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What we are

Cosmic Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd., an ISO9001:2015 certified company was established in 1994 by first generation entrepreneur Shankar Nagali. With a successful career, he has always balanced achievement in business with a dedication to giving. He started with a vision to assist in addressing the ever demanding energy needs in India; whether it's to light up a tiny home in a remote village or to provide uninterrupted electricity back-up for an urban high end institution in a metro city or to provide a clean and protected power for a sophisticated medical equipment.

Today the product portfolio spans from Power Conditioning and Back-up equipment like Home UPS, Online UPS, Servo stabilizers and Frequency Converters to Solar Inverters, as well as Water treatment and conditioning solutions like Water Purification, Softening and De-mineralization. Having realized his dream, Shankar has joined hands with a group of highly successful and yet another first generation entrepreneurs to take Cosmic to next level.

Our Specialization

Manufacturing 90%
Services 80%
Delivery 95%
Response 85%

Our Core Values

We are team of highly successful entrepreneurs in similar domain, technologist in the field of Solar and Power Electronics, coupled with several years of global experience providing solar and power energy to the world

To fulfill the ever demanding energy needs in India.

Cosmic strives to define, manufacture and deliver world class innovative products

Affordability, Reliability and High efficiency are cornerstone to Cosmic business model and are built in to every product and at every stage starting right from product definition to design & development, manufacturing, product qualification to the specified standards and at servicing the customer. Entire Cosmic team is imbibed with these very basic instincts and is proud to make this as part of the life.