MPPT Solar Charger

MPPT Solar Charger

Cosmic has developed micro charger controller based MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charger for solar panels from 1Kva to 100Kva. The micro controller scans the impedance of the circuit from maximum to minimum and finds the point at which maximum power is delivered and fixes the impedance at that point. MPPT solar charger provides 20% to 30% extra energy compared to conventional charges.

  • High intensity, High Uniformity and Glare Eliminated Light.
  • Module integrated Design, long life, easy Maintenance.
  • No hassle of bulb Replacements
  • Perfect for roads, Express ways Highways.
  • Eliminates the visual fatigue which is caused by traditional street lights.
  • High colour Index(>80)
  • Tremendous Energy Saving compared to traditional Lamp.
  • Totally Green. No Lead, No mercury,and No Pollution.
  • Timer / Dusk to Dawn ensure for lighting duration.
  • IP65 design
  • More than 2 days of autonomy
 SPECIFICATIONS  MPPT-0.3 to MPPT-3.0  MPPT-5.0 to MPPT-30.0
 Panel voltage range  10 to 22V, 20 to 44V,
 30 to 66V, 40to 88V
 (With respect to 12V, 24V, 36V,
 48V models)    DC
 96V – 768V DC
 PWm frequency  20KHz
 Power stage topology  Buck converter  Multiphase Invertleaved
 DC - DC Converter
 Switching elemeny  MOSFET  IGBT
 Current sensing  Dropless current sensing using Hall effect CT
 charging current  10A to 80A
 Power conversion
 >95% at full rated current
 Protections  PV Transient voltage surge, PV reverse polarity,
 High battery voltage,
 Low battery voltage. Over temperature, Overcharging
 Cooling  Automatic cooling fan
 Temp. compensation
 -5 to 7mV / celsius ( optional)
 RS232 Communciation ( optional)
 Temperature  0-600C
 Relative Humidity  0 – 95% (non-condensing)

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