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UPS And Invertors

Cosmic Sine wave UPS is an extraordinary product, which is the perfect solution for power failure. It provides continuous quality and clean power supply during your precious time by adding the value for the tasks you peformed

Solar Power Plant

Solar power plant is a clean renewable resource with zero emission, has tremendous potential of energy which can be harnessed using technology. With recent developments, solar energy systems are easily available for industries

Power Conditioning

Cosmic servo controlled voltage stabilizer manufacturers in bangalore is an effective solution for the voltage fluctuation. It full fills the need of an interface between an unregulated power supply and sophisticated equipments

Water treatment Plant

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a group of young experienced and dynamic personnel having over Sixteen Years experience in providing energy and water treatmemnt producting and solutins. Our range of water treatmemnt products includes domesti UV and RO Water purifiers

Demineralization water plant

De – Mineralization / DM PLANT is designed for counter current regeneration efficiency. The unique design prevents resin loss while backwashing. The systems available are Double Bed and Mixed Bed – Up flow/Down Flow. The vessels are made out of FRP/PVC/MSRL/ SS 316 etc., as per customer’s requirement.

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