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Servo Voltage controlled Stabilizer(1KVA to 1000KVA)

Cosmic servo controlled voltage stabilizer manufacturers in bangalore is an effective solution for the voltage fluctuation. It full fills the need of an interface between an unregulated power supply and sophisticated equipments. These are available in various ranges both in Single phase and Three phases and designed to give a stabilized output within 1% of the present voltage.

Capacity : 1Kva to 1000Kva

Servo Voltage Stabilizer is ideal for centralized applications in any industry to protect all the machineries Equipments which are under complete voltage control.

We manufacture high efficiency servo controlled voltage stabilizers which works effectively under voltage fluctuations and helps in obtaining one output.

INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE 170 to 270 V 295 to 465 V AC
OUTPUT VOLTAGE 230 Volts 400 Volts
RATE OF VOLTAGE CORRECTION 35 volts / sec 60 Volts / sec
INPUT FREQUENCY RANGE 47 to 53 Hz 47 to 53 Hz
OUTPUT STABILITY 220V – 240V 380V – 415 V
OUTPUT WAVE FORM Sinusoidal Sinusoidal
SERVO MOTOR DRIVE Burnt proof AC Synchronous Burnt proof AC Synchronous
Motor with Fuse Protection Motor with Fuse Protection
Output on Output on
Cut-off Cut-off
Input low Input low
Input High Input High
PROTECTION Low / High Voltage Cut off, Low / High Voltage Cut off,
Over load and TIME Delay Over load and TIME Delay
METERING Voltmeter Analog Voltmeter Analog
OPTIONS Digital Meter and Amp Meter Digital Meter and Amp Meter
Wide Range Input Voltage Wide Range Input Voltage