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Solar power plant is a clean renewable resource with zero emission, has tremendous potential of energy which can be harnessed using technology. With recent developments, solar energy systems are easily available for industrial and domestic use with the added advantage of minimum maintenance. Solar power plant is made financially viable with government tax incentives and rebates. Solar Inver has potential to cater the growing needs of the power. Ampolt has developed a range of non-polluting, environment-friendly products and solutions that offer not only reliable energy, but also hope for a better future

Cosmic range of Solar Products are produced with the latest technology, quality raw materials and components to give a cost effective and long lasting service.

Solar Offgrid UPS

Solar On-line UPS Power Generating System with MPPT is Double Conversion with Load Sharing Technology. This is one of the advanced technology in the market to utilize 100% of Solar PV Generated power by enhancing Solar Power through MPPT Load Sharing

Solar Grid Tie Inverter

Solar grid tie inverter electrical system functions with the grid energy stored in the system that is linked to the mains. They provide excess capacity backed by the local electrical grids.

Solar Water Pump

Cosmic solar water pump for 3 phase motors, with efficiency of 98% deliver maximum energy in all conditions Transformer-less design, advanced electronics and optimized internal connections reduce potential energy loses.

Solar Street Light

The cosmic solar street light system is an ideal solar lighting system for the illumination of streets, squares, and crossroads. This fully integrated system combines the latest and most innovative technologies

MPPT Solar Charger

Cosmic has developed micro MPPT charger controller based MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charger for solar panels from 1Kva to 100Kva. The micro controller scans the impedance of the circuit from maximum to minimum

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