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Solar street light manufacturers in Bangalore,India

Cosmic solar street light system is an ideal solar lighting system for the illumination of streets, squares and cross roads. This fully integrated system combines the latest and most innovative technologies available providing years of convenient and trouble free lighting. The standalone solar photovoltaic solar street lighting system comprises of a induction Lamp as light source, re-chargeable lead acid battery for storage, PV modules for charging the battery, suitable electronics for the operation of ballast and safe charging and discharging of the battery and mechanical hardware for fixing these sub systems

  • High intensity, High Uniformity and Glare Eliminated Light.
  • Module integrated Design, long life, easy Maintenance.
  • No hassle of bulb Replacements
  • Perfect for roads, Express ways Highways.
  • Eliminates the visual fatigue which is caused by traditional solar street light.
  • High colour Index(>80)
  • Tremendous Energy Saving compared to traditional Lamp.
  • Totally Green. No Lead, No mercury,and No Pollution.
  • Timer / Dusk to Dawn ensure for lighting duration.
  • IP65 design
  • More than 2 days of autonomy
Description CSL-40 CSL-80 CSL-120
Panel wattage 100W 200W 250W
Charger 12V, 10A 12/24V, 15A 12/24V, 20A
Pole height 5mts 7.5mts 10mts
Battery 12V1 100AH 12V,100AH * 2 12V, 150AH * 2
Number of days of autonomy 2 2 2
Application Garden Light Roads with moderate Traffic Roads wjth heavy Trafic