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Solar Water Pump

Cosmic solar water pump for 3 phase motors, with efficiency of 98% deliver maximum energy in all conditions Transformer-less design, advanced electronics and optimized internal connections reduce potential energy loses. Balanced three phase AC output ensures grid compliance all times and precise MPP tracking at 99.9% in steady conditions and 99.8% in dynamic conditions enable the inverter to harvest all the energy of the PV modules

Excellent MPPT Efficiency, 98% conversion efficiency, 1000V DC, AC power burst and an excellent cooling concept provides high yield and earlier return on investment. High voltage input and reduces losses on the DC side. Early start up and late stop of power production result in maximized yield while exact cooling minimizes energy losses. MPOP tracker allows for more modules in a series and longer strings, while providing greater flexibility in the PV setup

  • Battery less operation
  • Variable Frequency drive incorporated for smooth operation even during minimum sunlight
  • Transformer less design makes the product smaller in size and also cost effective
  • MPPT incorporated to track maximum power and give 35% more energy from the panel maximum torque at minimum sunlight
  • Cosmic battery less solar pumps can be installed at a site completely eliminating loss of energy in transmission.
  • Can be installed to the required load of pumps upto 15KW (15hp).
  • SPV modules need only minimum maintenance and no battery is required.
  • Cosmic battery less solar water pump are more suitable for areas with no or unreliable grid or as an alternative to diesel pumps. Some of the most popular applications are:
  • Drinking water supply for small habitations
  • Horticulture farms, orchards, vineyards, gardens and nurseries
  • Agro forestry and plantations
  • Dairy, poultry and sheep farm
  • Aqua culture, fish farming
Rating CSIP - 3,000 CSIP - 5,000 CSIP - 7,500 CSIP - 10,000 CSIP - 15,000
Motor rating
Panel wattage
1 f / 3 f
3 f
3 f
3 f
3 f
Panel Voltage 400V DC /
(525V - 960V DC )
525V - 960V DC
Waveform 3 f Sine Wave Current
THD < 2%
Efficency > 96%
Internal Protection Short Circuit, Overload
Alarm Signal Buzzer
LCD Display Panel Voltage, Output Voltage, Output VA, Temperature
Front Panel Controls On/off Switch, Mains Connection bypass
Operating Temperature 0 - 550C
Operating Humidity 0 - 90%
MPPT incorporated
variable Frequency Drive incorporated
Control Type PWM Using DSP
PWM Frequency 20KHZ
Power stage IGBT Based
Discharge in litres / day at 10m head 207000 345000 517500 690000 1035000
Bore well size 150 mm dia.
Required shadow free area 100 sq m