IGBT Based Static Voltage Regulator

COSMIC IGBT based static voltage regulator is an affective solution for the problem of voltage fluctuation. It fulfills the need of an interface between an unregulated power supply and sophisticated equipments. These are available in various ranges both in Single phase and Three phase and designed to give a stabilized output within 1% of the preset voltage.

Servo Stabilizers are an essential input that can save your expensive machinery from short circuits and overloading. Adding to this useful feature, a servo stabilizer is many-sided and can be tailor – made to one’s preference keeping all the advantages of a servo stabilizer intact.

There are different types of servo stabilizers based on the quantum they are used for maintaining static.

  • Servo Stabilizer
  • Servo Stabilizer 5kva
  • Servo Stabilizer 10kva
  • 15 KVA Servo Stabilizer 3 Phase
  • 3 Phase Voltage Stabilizer
  • Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer
  • 100 KVA 3 Phase Servo Stabilizer Price
  • 75 KVA Servo Stabilizer
  • 200 KVA Servo Stabilizer
  • 150 KVA Servo Stabilizer
IGBT Static Stabilizer

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