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Cosmic Natural Water Conditioner

The technology of our Cosmic Water Conditioner :

After decades of experience and feedback from our customers we have developed an unique 2 in 1 combination of structural water with magnetic technology which is the first of its kind that conditions the water naturally. The internal design of this unit is very simple, by using the greatest natural river flowing spiral motion technique. When water passes through this device very large clusters of water molecules are broken down to smaller nano molecules and also sharp edges will become blunt. These tiny blunted water mineral molecules will lose the ability to stick to the passing surface, thus water will become lighter, softer and smoother and also at the same time the water passes through an array of highly focused static powerful magnetic field to influence the water molecules spatial orientation Polarized (Organized) physically changes the water molecular structures. A Calcite crystalline structure will be washed, flushed out, water stream is formed instead of a naturally occurring hard crystals, the powerful magnets also create de-gasification, which decreases the smell of chlorine and increases natural taste of the water.

Hence the water becomes wet and soft because of these combination of both the process it will reduce surface tension of water by increasing its solubility.

Please go through this Self-explanatory video for better understanding of our Cosmic water conditioner.

Cosmic Natural Water Conditioner - Unique Combination of Water Structuring and Magnetic two in one innovative and latest Technology

Cosmic Water conditioner will reduce yours and your loved ones hair fall, dandruff, dry skin due to hard water problems, hair will be silky and smooth, Soap shampoo, detergent lather more, clothes will clean better and smooth, also it will protect your costly bathroom fittings, washing machine, water heaters and whole plumbing systems

It's a PATENTED technology product will comes with 30 days money back guarantee and 5 years warranty, life of the equipment will be 25 to 30 years

For single tap application we have 1/2 inch 100Lph and 3/4 inch 100Lph, For whole house, appartments, industries and agriculture we have solution from 1inch pipe to 8 inches pipe, 100Lph to 100000Lph.

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  • The ability of scaling minerals to stick anywhere is majorly reduced.
  • Lower the water molecules surface tension due to micro clustering of the water.
  • No more white flaky buildup, it can be easily wiped out.
  • Silky, Smooth texture of water. No Salt required, works on inlet water pressure
  • Maintenance free, Long life, No electricity, Zero running cost, fit and forget, easy installation.
  • Reduces hair fall due to hard water, improves skin health and moisture.
  • Calcium and magnesium are retained. Better lather with soap and shampoo
  • Due to de-gasification taste of water improves.
  • Available in 100Lph to 1,00,000Lph which can full fill the requirement of Domestic, Industrial and Agriculture needs of hard water solution.
Water Conditioner
  • Reduces hair fall due to Hard water
  • Improves Skin health and moisture
  • Balances pH, Controls bacteria and algae
  • Extend life and efficiency of all your home appliances
  • Increases Cloth softness, reduces detergent requirement
  • Maintenance free, long life, zero running cost, fit and forget.
Water Conditioner

Cosmic water conditioner v/s with other solution :

Cosmic water conditioner is not just magnetic conditioner or just a water structuring unit, it has got 2 in 1 patented technology which is not available in any other products in the market, It is a Water structuring device along with magnetic conditioner, because of this two in one technology it will give much better result in treating the hard water, water structuring technology will divide the water molecules physically in to nano molecules and it will remove its sticking ability due to molecules sharp edges and highly focused static powerful magnetic field will make water molecules polarization in which molecules repelled each other, your hard water will be treated as physical soft water.

No need of any maintenance. Fit and forget product, need not spend single rupee in its life time, it will work for very long period.

It's much economical compared with any other similar solution.

Very Importantly it is based on natural technology same as River is treating the water.

Comparison with other technology products :

Electro magnetic unit also good Technic but it will not have water structuring technology,

It has only one magnetic technology of our product. Since it's depending on electronics and electrical, It may need maintenance or component replacement.

Water structuring device has a simple technique, it will divide water molecules but after some time again all divided molecules will restructure it original position, since it does not have magnetic technology to make water molecules repelled each other.

Resin based water softener is one of the old and proven technology. It is based on chemical treatment to treat the hard water, it will remove essential Calcium and magnesium minerals from the water and replace with sodium which is not good for our body in long run, also needs regular maintenance and replacement of components.