Online UPS

On-line UPS System(5KVA-250 KVA)

COSMIC ONLINE UPS provides an independent, no break source of clean, stable, transient free uninterrupted power supply with output neutral bonded to ground, protect critical loads against power line disturbances and loss of commercial power. The UPS given an accurately controlled sine wave AC output without any line disturbances.

The Cosmic ONLINE UPS system comprises of a rectifier, an auto float cum boost charger, battery backed inverter with under volt, over volt short-circuit protection along with a high degree of Input to Output isolation. Amplification stage has IGBT technology for pure sine wave output.

It is ideal for centralized applications in any industry to protect all the machineries Equipments which are under complete voltage control.

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS), also known as a battery backup, backup power when your regular power supply fails or voltage drops to an unacceptable level. A UPS allows for the safe turn off computer and other connected device. The size and design of a UPS determine how long it will supply power and voltage.


UPS Technologies

Different UPS technologies provide specific levels of power protection. A CosmicEnergy UPS will belong to one of these three topologies: standby, line interactive, and double-conversion.

We have various types of UPS with different voltage power supply

  • 3 KVA Ups
  • Ups 1kva
  • Online Ups
  • 10 KVA Ups
  • 3 KVA Ups
  • 5 KVA Ups
  • 10 KVA Online Ups
  • 6 KVA Ups
  • 20 KVA Ups
Online UPS

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