Cosmic Natural Water Conditioner

The technology of our Cosmic Water Conditioner :

After decades of experience and feedback from our customers we have developed an unique 2 in 1 combination of structural water with magnetic technology which is the first of its kind that conditions the water naturally. The internal design of this unit is very simple, by using the greatest natural river flowing spiral motion technique. When water passes through this device very large clusters of water molecules are broken down to smaller nano molecules and also sharp edges will become blunt. These tiny blunted water mineral molecules will lose the ability to stick to the passing surface, thus water will become lighter, softer and smoother and also at the same time the water passes through an array of highly focused static powerful magnetic field to influence the water molecules spatial orientation Polarized (Organized) physically changes the water molecular structures. A Calcite crystalline structure will be washed, flushed out, water stream is formed instead of a naturally occurring hard crystals, the powerful magnets also create de-gasification, which decreases the smell of chlorine and increases natural taste of the water.

Hence the water becomes wet and soft because of these combination of both the process it will reduce surface tension of water by increasing its solubility.

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What peoples say about us

I have been using cosmic water conditioner for 6 months now and it’s a must for groundwater supply in Bengaluru. Mr. Shankar is just a call away and he gets the service was done quickly and hassle-free. Starting from the demo at home to show the hardness of the water to install the product, everything is hassle-free and quick!


Purchased cosmic water conditioner, they are helpful in finalizing my decision, received the product in 1 day, customer support executive helped during entire process from placing the order to getting it installed.


After much research and consultation with cosmic micro systems, I finally got water conditioner from cosmic, I must say it seems to have solved water hardness issue and water feels really soft, I highly recommend cosmic water conditioner


We have been using the cosmic water conditioner from almost 1 year, it is a zero maintenance device, I would recommend 5 star to cosmic water conditioner


Highly recommended, we ordered the cosmic water conditioner 3 months back, after installing most of the hard water problem are solved, i am happy with product, thanks


We are using cosmic water conditioner from past 6months, most of our hard water problems are solved now, thanks to cosmic.


I recommend this to everyone who couldn’t resolve the hard water problems. It’s the best there in the market.


We are happy with the results of the conditioner. It is totally dependent and free of maintenance.


It is a wonderful product we are using this from past year and found no problem.


Had a nice experience, satisfied with the price and products.