Sine wave UPS (600VA to 15KVA)

Cosmic Sine wave UPS is an extraordinary product, which is the perfect solution for power failure. It provides continuous quality and clean power supply during your precious time by adding the value for the tasks you peformed .
Capacity : 600va to 15Kva
Cosmic Sine wave UPS is ideal to provide continuous Power Supply for any kind of load such as Computers, Lights, Fans, Music Systems, Mixer Grinder, Airconditioner, Water Pump, etc.


Advanced DSP based PWM technology.
High efficiency to save energy and money.
Dual purpose Inverter / UPS, (Opt. Solar Charger)
Reliable product for long durability.
No separate wiring is required, Environment friendly.
Noiseless operation hence no need canopy.
Green mode SAVES PROWER in no load conditions.
Lowest Running Cost, Pure Sinewave Output.
Cold and soft start operation to protect the load.
Input High and Low voltage Protection.


 TechnologyDSP Based PWM MOSFET / IGBT
Capacity600VA to 15KVA
Input voltage175V – 265V AC for computer
100V – 300V AC for lighting
Transfer time< 3ms
WaveformPure Sine Wave
Frequency50Hz +- 1% (on Battery mode)
Efficiency< 90%
Output Voltage225V +- 1% (on Battery mode)
Power factory0.8 lag
ChargerDSP Based PWM SMPS
Short Circuit Protection>300% load (short circuit with Manual Reset Function)
Indication / LCD DisplayMain On, Charger On Inv On, Batt Low, Overload
AlarmsBatter Low, Over Lord, Mains Failure, Short Circuit
ProtectionMains High and Low Voltage, Short Circuit, Battery deep discharge and over charge
Type of coolingForced Air Cooling
Noise levelLess than 60db
Crest factoryUpto 3:1
Withstanding capacity125% Up to 60 Seconds
Recharging time6 Hours – 8 Hours
Battery voltage range12V to 240V DC

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