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After decades of experience and feedback from our customers we have developed Water softener conditioner with an unique 2 in 1 combination of structural water with magnetic technology which is the first of its kind that conditions the water naturally. The internal design of this unit is very simple, by using the greatest natural river flowing spiral motion technique. When water passes through this device very large clusters of water molecules are broken down to smaller nano molecules and also sharp edges will become blunt, This is one of the best water softener technique for Whole house water softener and Water softener for apartments, water softener for bathroom and better than Ion exchange water softener.

Cosmic Water conditioner

Cosmic softener conditioner is a best solution for hard water problem. With a proven track record since 1994, our unique water softening product has helped thousands of people in India and solved their water problems and improves their water quality, We are the only company that offers 2 in 1 magnetic water softener hard water treatment systems that do not rely on chemicals, Salt free water softener, we think you will find that our company has a unique history and experience in the industry, combined with unparalleled customer service.

Cosmic Energy Conditioner
Structuring Unit


We have developed a unique technology solution for hard water problems, our water conditioner structuring unit is based on the principle of turbulence vertex structuring technology(TVST) this will effectively reduce the surface tension and size of the water molecules cluster, water becomes lighter, softer, thinner & soluble which leads to prevent the scale formation and protect you against all your hard water problems

Cosmic Water Conditioner

Saves money: Your appliances, plumbing system, etc needs minimum maintenance leading to cost savings

Suggested use of Cosmic Conditioner or Hard Water Softener

  • If your home design contains a bore well that pumps water to the overhead tank, then it is advisable to install the unit at the sump of the overhead tank. If by any means your water tank doesn’t have a sump then it can directly be installed between the bore and the overhead tank.
  • The installation of a Cosmic hard water softener can be done either on the pump outlet or at the tank inlet. It all depends on the flow of water.
  • There are different aspects to installing to this cost-effective hard ward softener in your homes. If the hard water damage is at a large scale then you can have units installed to each bathroom & kitchen. However, if the damage is not big then you can have it installed in your main supply water line for soft water in the whole house.
  • People living in apartments can either install a unit in their mainline that supplies water or a single unit for each bathroom & kitchen separately can be installed.

Benefits offered by Cosmic water softener:

  • Improves the taste of water
  • May prevent development of kidney stones that are formed due to hard water
  • Better health: Keeps body organs, hair and skin healthy
  • Safe for clothes: Cleaner & brighter fabrics as they won’t fade before time
  • Saves water: Cleaner dishes & less cleaning time saves water
  • Increases lifespan of electronic and other appliances
  • Removal of limescale
  • Maintains water pressure as it prevents water scaling and clogging of pipes
  • Eliminates watermarks on things.

Why Choose Cosmic Water Conditioner?​​

Cosmic natural water conditioner is a result of the amalgamation of unique water structuring and magnetic (two in one) innovative and latest technology. Cosmic water conditioner reduces hair fall, dandruff, dry skin that is happening due to hard water problems. Your hair will regain its lusture and become silky smooth. Soap, shampoo, detergent lather more and clothes get cleaned better. The bathroom fittings, washing machine, water heaters, and whole plumbing systems are protected from the harmful effects of hard water.

Our innovative and latest technology is advanced and we guarantee to deliver the performance as promised. We offer an unconditional 30 days money-back guarantee and 5 years warranty. The biggest advantage is the life of the equipment which is 25 to 30 years. For single tap application we have 1/2 inch 100Lph and 3/4 inch 200Lph, For the whole house, apartments, industries, and agriculture we have a solution from 1inch pipe to 8 inches pipe, 100Lph to 100000Lph.

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I have been using cosmic water conditioner for 6 months now and it’s a must for groundwater supply in Bengaluru. Mr. Shankar is just a call away and he gets the service was done quickly and hassle-free. Starting from the demo at home to show the hardness of the water to install the product, everything is hassle-free and quick!


Purchased cosmic water conditioner, they are helpful in finalizing my decision, received the product in 1 day, customer support executive helped during entire process from placing the order to getting it installed.


After much research and consultation with cosmic micro systems, I finally got water conditioner from cosmic, I must say it seems to have solved water hardness issue and water feels really soft, I highly recommend cosmic water conditioner


We have been using the cosmic water conditioner from almost 1 year, it is a zero maintenance device, I would recommend 5 star to cosmic water conditioner


Highly recommended, we ordered the cosmic water conditioner 3 months back, after installing most of the hard water problem are solved, i am happy with product, thanks


We are using cosmic water conditioner from past 6months, most of our hard water problems are solved now, thanks to cosmic.


I recommend this to everyone who couldn’t resolve the hard water problems. It’s the best there in the market.


We are happy with the results of the conditioner. It is totally dependent and free of maintenance.


It is a wonderful product we are using this from past year and found no problem.


Had a nice experience, satisfied with the price and products.


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